I used local farm animals as my models. Each animal is a distinctive type
and is portrayed as characteristically symbolic.

donkey head
The donkey is symbolic of a carrier of burdens.
He can be cantankerous and complaining.

Billy goat head
The male goat has long been used as a “scapegoat.”
The ritual of putting blame on the goat
is ancient and is referred to in the Talmud.

female goat head
The small female goat can be seen as a Dwarf goat.

nubian kid
The little kid on the top is a Nubian goat.


You must carry your burdens in life, bear them and don’t complain excessively.

Do not blame others for your problems and misfortunes.

In rising to a higher level, you can attain full growth potential and not remain dwarfed.

In doing so, you rise above all else, gain a clear perspective and begin a new life;

You become a nubian

nu bien

new being.

© Nina Akamu 2016