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The book The American Horse at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park
by Larry Ten Harmsel tells the story of Meijer Gardens' da Vinci horse sculpture. Available on Amazon

Time Magazine Europe and Asia
12/20/99 "Best Designs or 1999"

Time Magazine
10/04/99 "Dreams of the Master" by Daniel Levy photos
Roberto Ponti-Grazia Neri

People Magazine
7/12/99 "Italian Stallion" photos Robin Boweman

Equine Images
Summer 2001 "The Grocer's Gift"
Author, Tania Evans

Polo Magazine
By Nancy Russel Berger photos Michael Voudouris

New York Times
6/26/99 "Ages Late, Bronze Horse by Leonardo Comes to Life"
by Andrew Revkin Photos Joyce Dobkeen

Los Angeles Times
6/26/99 "A Horse for Da Vinci, Finally" By Paul Lieberman
photos Bill Wunsch staff

Washington Post 
6/30/01  "Imagery Says It All at New Monument,"
Bejamin Forgey  photos Andrea Bruce Woodall
Washington Times 
6/23/01  "Memorial Recalls Japanese of WWII,"
Douglas O’Malley   photos Bert V. Goulait
Washington Post
"An End to the Forgetting,"
Abhi Raghunthan   photos Bill O’leary

Smithsonian Magazine
9/98 by Nancy Moher photos Enrico Ferorelli

Philadelphia Inquirer
7/04/99 "Gift Horse" by Edward Sosanski (art critic)

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