What the Leonardo horse brings to the point of startle—
not only for its intrinsic capacity to overwhelm
but for the shuddering suddenness of its appearance,
like water springing up in a desert---is artistic energy.

This is energy notched up to a degree
to which we have grown so unaccustomed
that it seems a revelation.

There is to the horse a density of power,
a concentrated capability to invoke dreaming.
This is not an image of a horse,
not a metaphor, not a study—
it is extremely a horse.

It is a horse intensified, a horse raised to a higher power,
a power of vision, of conception, of apprehension. In short,
it is art as pure passion and as the ability to instill it---

not a fashion of art,
and not art after a fashion,
but an erotics of art.

Mark Daniel Cohen

© Nina Akamu 2016